Fracking at Buttermilk Denied

Eight new electric car chargers are going in at Buttermilk, thanks to Holy Cross Energy and Pitkin County. This compliments the six Tesla superchargers just behind the Inn at Aspen. (And the huge pile of dry-rub baby back ribs at Home Team Barbecue next door, though that is slightly off topic.) That’s got to make Buttermilk one of the most EV friendly mountains around. All this upset BM Mountain Manager Travis Benson, who noted: “This may be a problem for my vision. I was thinking of putting in my fracking well at that location. Another loss for carbon and a win for my kids.” *Wait, Travis has kids? How can that be legal?

Santa Appears at Riverside

Though the jury is still out on Santa, the Holiday Spirit is very real at ASC. Thanks to the generosity of employees across the company, 21 families in need received needed gifts like shoes, clothing and toys, as well as new jackets courtesy of Ian Stuart and the rental retail team. At the wrapping event on December 12th, we welcomed wrappers of all skill levels. Christine Farley operated with the precision and artistic prowess of a modern-day Michelangelo (on her day off!) Others nameless hacks (Mike Danzinger, Max Olsen, Nikita Lu, many others) persevered through gaping wrapping paper mishaps, fixed by taping on more and more patches, resulting in a paper mache/dirty bomb aesthetic. Delivery may not have been as picturesque as Santa and his reindeer (it was Hannah, wearing Menorah socks, jamming to Beyoncé, careening down 82 with every cup-holder and cranny of a 12 passenger van stuffed with presents, barely able to see over the steering wheel…). Special thanks to everyone who participated! And extra thanks to Victor Gerdin, whose van Tetris skills enabled us to fit all the presents, including two cribs, two mattresses, 68 “little snugglers” diapers, 2 sleds, some unassuming box that felt heavy enough to be 53 grade Portland cement, three French hens, a turtle dove (whatever that is) and one very cute and squishy triceratops. (But not Victor in the van, he is too big.)

The New Norm

If you haven’t met him, trudge on down to the tune shop at Highlands to chat with Norm. (Or, more accurately, to let him yell at you: “What are you doing with these skis? Why don’t you just drag a rake behind you?” etc.) Of his own volition, Norm secured and then hand-delivered coats to the Urban Peak homeless shelter in Denver. How many? “There were a lot, I didn’t even count,” says Norm. Well, we counted, and Ian Stuart’s rental retail team provided 171 coats, worth $71,560! The shelter also provides jobs in its thrift shops to help residents get back on their feet. Norm hopes that young people experiencing homelessness can “Meet some of [the Urban Peak] people,” as role models instead of the “shady $^#%^”s on the street. Oh Norm.

A Green Bean in Every Pot

This fall, John Curnow and Limelight Ketchum donated green beans for 1,301 people for the Hunger Coalition’s Thanksgiving food drive. In case you can’t immediately picture what that looks like, it’s about the size of a small Ryder truck, but shaped like a pile of beans. And green. Hunger Coalition believes that every person has the right to good food, regardless of their economic status. Limelight agrees.

Cagley and VanMoorsel: A Little Bit Country, A little Bit Dutch, and a Whole Lot LEED

Dude, how many LEED certified buildings has ASC built? We’re losing track here. But each one is a milestone and a ton of hard work. As you know, LEED is the most respected third party certification for green buildings, and our latest addition to the fleet is the new Limelight Snowmass. While the hotel has plenty of green features, what’s most remarkable about the project (and thanks to Lindsy Cagley, Gert Van Moorsel, Aaron Shaffer, and East West for the brutal amount of labor getting there) is that the building beats Snowmass’s aggressive energy code by 18%. That’s amazing, but even more important, we didn’t accept the energy model. Instead, Gert and company spent literally months tuning the building to make it run optimally. Dude, do you realize how important that is? Most buildings get built, and run wrongly or inefficiently for their entire existence. Not Limelight Snowmass. Not with Cagley and VanMoorsel on the case.

Your 2020 Resolutions

Swear to hike the bowl an extra dozen times? Great. But learn to carve a turn, will you? Going to call your mom more often? Whatever.
Below, are some easy green New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Sign up for the Environment Foundation AND the Caring for Community Fund. Limelight Ketchum also has a fund, which any and all employees can join.
  2. Shop on Amazon Smile. At NO cost, you can direct .5% of sales to the Environment Foundation on every purchase. Tell your mom when you talk.
    a. Visit
    b. Click the drop down. Click “Change” under the title.
    c. Search for “Aspen Skiing Company Environment Foundation.” Click “Select.”
    d. Buy stuff!
  3. Register to Vote. Sign up online or text “CO2VOTE” to 28683. Then, uh, vote.
  4. Join Aspen Snowmass Sustainability. What is this intriguing, meaty Facebook group? It’s your ticket to local enviro happenings and an easy way to keep up with the latest eco arcana.
  5. Invest in your future (and the planet’s too). Select funds that are green or socially responsible. Here’s what ASC’s plan has to offer:
    a. Fidelity® Select Environment and Alternative Energy Portfolio (FSLEX)
    b. Fidelity® International Sustainability Index Fund (FNIDX)
    c. Fidelity® Sustainability Bond Index Fund (FNDSX)
    d. Fidelity® U.S. Sustainability Index Fund (FITLX)
    e. Fidelity® Women’s Leadership Fund (FWOMX)
    A little alphabet soup never hurt anyone, and neither did smart investing.
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