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We’re pleased to welcome Hannah Berman, our new Sustainability Manager. Hannah is a Colorado-native thrilled to be moving from consulting in DC suit-land to a place filled with what she calls “Chaco-clad ski bums.” (Correction: “Teva.” And “ski aficionado.”—Ed.) She is taking over Matt Hamilton’s role managing sustainability and philanthropy, and represents a break in the department’s policy of hiring men with giant feet. Her background is in economics, environmental studies, and education policy. Hannah loves baking, which Auden detailed in a running gag in another punchy, late Friday ALL email, (Thank you so much, he’s right here every Tuesday night, no cover) so we won’t expand on that here. But, do some good, she might bake you cookies, if not a wedding cake.

The Taco the Town

The Nell’s Matt Zubrod and Don Julio smoked out the competition and won the 4th Annual BBQ Cook-Off in Aspen on August 16. The event, started by Simon Chen at the Nell, raised a BIGLY, astronomical $150K for the Aspen Homeless Shelter! Not only did Matt and Don cook for a good cause, but they also sourced their fish tacos sustainably by selecting rockfish, which Matt notes is a “trash fish.” Meaning, uh, not garbage, but uncommonly caught species with large populations; cooking such species mitigates overfishing issues. Even though “trash fish” isn’t mouth-watering, chili pepper rockfish in dried ancho tortillas and a cactus relish with lime crema sounds AMAZE BALLS!!! Kudos and alternative naming rights to all including Janelle Patrick, Nell’s PR & Marketing Manager, who ran point on this event. Abby Hawkins, Director of Marketing, and Dominica Ann, Hotel Design Coordinator, were Janelle’s right hand women. Huge thanks to Oscar Carrasco, Oscar Ibarra, Matt Doyle, Ingrid Stern, and Nacho Ignacio and the AJAX staff, Sarah Longbottom and Jacquie Dibello, who did a fantastic job setting up and serving. While not *technically* a Nell employee, John Sarpa was emcee. (“Yah baby, my total pleasure,” he wrote…) Many others helped and we can’t name ‘em all. It was awesome.

 Whitehouse Goes Green

We are not alone anymore. Props to Rhode Island democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who has been taking “climate trips” to red territories to talk about how climate change can disrupt the economy and how businesses can drive solutions. He recently sat down with the Ski Industry Association, Outdoor Industry Association, the ski resort (owned by a family with long ties to the coal industry), and other outdoor recreation folks in Jackson Hole, using an economic lens to inspire action on climate change. He also met with athletes and community members at POW event. His trips have helped him garner respect from the Republicans from those territories, but he asserts the pace of climate legislation they support is too slow. Unfortunately, currently just one Whitehouse is battling climate change, but there’s hope for the other in 2020….go register to vote, yo.

Colorado Zeroes in on Air Quality/Not Alone II

The Air Quality Control Commission* has decided Colorado will be the 10th state to adopt California’s Zero Emissions Vehicle program, which aims to improve air quality and increase the number of electric vehicles here. By 2040, the program will have removed the equivalent of 1.6 million cars from the road and save Colorado $65 million annually in pollution benefits. The ski industry showed up in full force to support the rule, including Alterra Mountain Co., Protect Our Winters, and Colorado Ski Country.

*Auden Schendler, our own sustainability guru, sits on the Air Quality Control Commission, and so recused himself from conversation with ski industry parties. Indeed, he’s not even reading this Greenletter, or talking to people really. In fact, he’s sheltered in the boiler room at Riverside. Which is actually pretty OK. A little cramped. But OK.

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