I’m thrilled to share our updated Covid policy (attached and below), which reflects the relaxation in regulations just adopted by the Pitkin County Board of Health.  Thanks to all of you for doing your part to get us closer to “normal”, I’m looking forward to a lot less mask wearing and more face to face interactions.

Of course we must stay vigilant until we have fully beaten Covid, but this is a big milestone.  In terms of a policy for our guests, it’s no masks required unless you are not fully vaccinated.  There will not be any enforcement obligation on our part, but we’ll seek to educate through signs, which will go up as soon as we can get them produced.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, I strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible.  Speaking from experience, it doesn’t hurt that bad and the peace of mind it brings is liberating.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me, Steve Howard, Rich Burkley, or your supervisor.

Have a great weekend,
Mike Kaplan
President & CEO

ASC Covid-19 Work Rules – 6-4-21

As the Covid-19 epidemic has evolved and improved, the CDC and local health departments have relaxed recommended work practices.  Subsequently, our local health officials have removed most business-related restrictions pertaining to capacity limits, social distancing and mask requirements.  They have also eliminated the need for Business Safety Plans and the 5 Star Certification program.

While we all welcome this move toward normal operations, it is important to recognize that Covid still exists and poses a risk to those who are not vaccinated. We continue to ask our entire workforce to practice personal responsibility and take action to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by following COVID-19 Best Practices: Get Vaccinated, Socialize Smart, Stay Home if Sick, and Keep Washing Your Hands.  We also must recognize that many people are still not comfortable with the risk Covid presents and that they may choose to continue practicing certain preventative behaviors.  We must ensure that those employees and guests are accommodated to the extent possible and that they be supported in their decisions.

Most of our Covid related work rules will no longer be in effect but there are still some listed below that we will maintain until July 4th.   We will also maintain our Work-From-Home where possible status through July 4th.  Finally, there are still some limited requirements in effect from the state and CDC that we will have to comply with.

The following work rules will be in effect from June 4th through July 4, 2021

  1. Offices may operate at 100% of capacity.
  2. Fully vaccinated employees are no longer required to wear masks while working.
  3. Unvaccinated employees are encouraged to wear mask indoors and when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  4. Barriers will remain in place for all point of sales locations where guest interactions less than 6 feet occur.
  5. All employees are required to wear face masks while on public transportation, in compliance with State and CDC requirements.
  6. Only fully vaccinated employees may ride in company commuting vehicles.
  7. Employees riding in shared vehicles up the mountains or between work locations are not required to wear masks if everyone in the vehicle is fully vaccinated.  If anyone in the vehicle is not vaccinated, masks must be worn by all occupants.
  8. Routine testing of asymptomatic employees is no longer recommended for fully vaccinated employees.
  9. Fully vaccinated persons who are exposed to someone who tests positive for the Covid virus are not required to test or quarantine unless directed to do so by local health officials or if experiencing Covid-19 like symptoms.
  10. Employees may enter work areas by any access available. Daily sign-in and health screening is no longer required.
  11. Common use areas such as kitchens and conference rooms may be used at full capacity.  Kitchen and dining areas can use shared dishes and utensils.
  12. Vendors and approved contractors (Fedex, UPS, etc.) may enter buildings only at designated entries and must sign in. Unvaccinated administrative office visitors must wear masks when meeting indoors.
  13. Continue cleaning high contact touch points on a regular basis (at least once per day).  Cleaning supplies will be provided at these locations, including desks, phones, keyboards, door handles, copy machines, break area appliances, etc.
  14. If you are experiencing Covid-19 like symptoms, you are required to stay home and report this to your manager or supervisor. You may work remotely or take sick time depending on your situation.  Employees who exhibit signs and symptoms of Covid-19 should be tested and not come to work until instructed to do so by a local health official.
  15. If you are not feeling well, even if the symptoms do not suggest Covid-19, please stay home and either work remotely or take sick time.

The key to continued progress against Covid-19 is increasing the number of people who are fully vaccinated.  The national goal is to reach at least 70% of the population.  Currently, less than half of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated and Colorado is pacing only slightly better.  ASC will be offering additional access to vaccines and will provide incentives to increase the number of employees who are fully vaccinated so look for more details in the coming weeks.  If you have ideas on how to increase vaccination participation, make sure you reach out to your supervisor.  Local health officials are also working on a number of initiatives to make it easy to get vaccinated, so please stay informed and let us know if you need any help or support to take advantage of those opportunities.

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