The Year of Stress Reduction and Resilience starts today. Each week for the next 52 weeks, you’ll get an email like this about reducing stress and building resilience, plus a stress tip or relaxation technique for you to try. Your participation in this program is entirely up to you.

The Year of Stress Reduction and Resilience includes unlimited access to the online resource, MyStressTools where a lot of your learning about stress will take place. At the web portal, you’ll be able to log into your own PRIVATE home page and take a stress test, keep a journal, listen to relaxation audios, download podcasts, listen to webinars and even practice yoga while sitting in your chair!

We believe that by learning stress management in this way – spread out in bite-sized chunks over a whole year – you’ll be much more likely to make behavioral changes that last. Gradually you’ll come to thoroughly understand WHY you need to manage stress, exactly WHAT behaviors you need to change to do this and HOW to go about changing those behaviors, so you maintain your new lifestyle changes and build your resilience over time.

Welcome aboard The Year of Stress Reduction and Resilience. We look forward to working with you!

Today we are going to get you started on using MyStressTools, your online resource for managing stress.

Once you’ve logged in, you will be at the homepage. You can change your password at any time by clicking on your name in the top right corner and choosing Change Password.

Weekly Content

Week 1 – Is Stress Self Created?

Week 2 – Why Do I Need To Be Concerned About Stress?

Week 3 – Defining Stress Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Week 4 – What Are The Signs + Symptoms Of Stress?


Chronic Stress Can Change The Brain In The Wrong Direction

Week 5 – Test Your Stress Levels Right Now

Week 6 – Why Do They Call The Stress Response The Fight Or Flight Response?

Week 7 – What Is The Most Important Thing I Need To Know About Stress?

Week 8 – What Are Your Top Ten Sources of Stress?


Worry, Fear, And The Autonomic Nervous System

Week 9 – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Week 10 – Patterns In Your Stress

Week 11 – Avoiding Stress

Week 12 – Obvious vs. Underlying Sources Of Stress


How To Grow Your Own Brain

Week 13 – Solving The Problem

Week 14 – Moving from Problem-Oriented to Solution-Oriented

Week 15 – Sleep On It

Week 17 – Negative Self-Talk


Treating Assition With Mindfulness

Week 18 – Congnitive Restructuring

Week 19 – Changing Your Negative Self-Talk

Week 21 – The ABCs Of Stress Management

Week 22 – D Stands For Dispute


Managing Holiday Stress

Week 23 – Keeping Your Stress In Perspective

Week 24 – Cultivating An Attitude Of Gratitude

Week 25 – Low Frustration Tolerance

Week 26 – Why Should I Care About Mindfulness?


Five Tips For Dealing With The Stress Of Worry

Week 28 – Why Now? The Philosophy Behind Mindfulness

Week 30 – Formal Mindfulness Practice: Learning How To Meditate

Week 31 – The Science of Mindfulness: How You Can Increase The Size Of Your Brain By Meditating

Week 32 – Filters: Don’t Let The Present Moment Be Ruined By The Past


Goals, Resolutions, And Setting An Intention. What’s The Difference?

Week 34 – Handling Difficult Emotions Using Mindfulness

Week 35 – The Difference Between Cognitive Restructuring And Mindfulness

Week 37 – Resiliance Vs. Resistance: Which Is Better?

Week 38 – Building Resiliance: How Your Physical Health Affects Your Mental Health


Stress And Coronavirus: How To Lighten Your Load

Week 39 – The Corporate Athlete: Resistance Training Builds Resiliance

Week 40 – Yoga And Resiliance

Week 44 – Five Things To Remember About Building Resiliance

Week 45 – The Ultimate Weapon Against Stress


Pandemic Stress Systems And Management

Week 46 – Why Social Support Lowers Your Stress

Week 49 – How CEOs And Presidents Manage Their Stress


Multi Level Stress Management

Week 50 – The More Social Support Your Have The Better Off You Are

Week 51 – What Long-Term Relationship Have To Do With YOUR Health